Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Hole and Rope Swing

For our team building activity, we did the black hole and the rope swing. Unfortunately, I wasn't there for the black hole so I was only able to take part in the rope swing. On the first day, we got assigned the task. Everyone in the class was clueless as to what to do, since we thought that it was nearly impossible to complete and didn't believe that it could happen. In the next couple of days, we brainstormed outside of gym, as well as inside, and we came up with a few solutions. After discussing our many ideas, we decided to put them to work. It helped us figure out what to do when Christine shouted out to the class and got everyone's attention, in order to present her idea. By presenting her idea, everyone was on the same page and started to understand what was needed of them and how to prepare ourselves. At first we realized that those who are struggling the most with swinging over should go first in order to let everyone come across without falling. The fact that we all worked together as a team and had leaders but still listened to each others ideas and were helpful to each other is what made this work. Having someone to organize us was a key fact as well. The things we were struggling with was that there were people who were off task and didn't know what was going on. Because of this, there were occasional problems when getting across the "pond." We needed to all cooperate and pay attention so that we knew who were the weak links and who were able to go last. One of the things that we could've done better as well was to talk more as a team. Towards the end, since Rebecca took the role of being the leader, she started making decisions without regarding what the whole group had to say. This was a mistake in our team work because we should have all had a chance to put in our input before any drastic decisions were made. All in all, we did a very good job keeping excellent team work once we got the idea planted in our heads and were all on the same page.